A Long Gaze

目送, 2014

for Piano Solo

performed by Ido Akov

‘You stand at the corner of the road, watching him disappearing gradually. Besides, his figure quietly tells “ To stay, not to follow. ” ’ quoted from Long Yingtai’s prose - A Long Gaze, which expresses author’s helplessness from her father’s death and her maturing son, as she finds out that the destiny between parents and children will only die slowly as time goes by. Indeed, we face experiences of all kinds in our life, something sweet whereas something bitter; and we gradually learn to accept troughs and crests in our life with an optimistic mind and let bygones be bygones. Musically, these ideas are conveyed by tempocontrasting
sections in the composition.

「你站立在小路的這一端,看著他逐漸消失在小路轉彎的地方,而且,他用背影默默告訴你:不必追。」 引自龍應台的《目送》,原文講述作者從父親的離世,兒子的成長,瞭解到父母和兒女的緣份只有慢慢流逝而感到無奈。有時我們在生命中遇上喜怒哀樂、悲歡離合的經歷;慢慢地,我們明白只有豁達接受和既往不咎,才活得自在;音樂上快慢段落的對比正表達此意。

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