Together as One We Breathe 一息

for Erhu, Dizi, Sheng, Pipa and Zheng, Aug 2020.
commissioned by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild for Hong Kong Contemporary Music Festival: Asian Delights Concert 1, performed by Chai Found Music Workshop.

Nympheas 睡蓮

for Soprano Saxophone and Piano, Sep 2016.
commissioned and performed by Calvin Yat-wai Wong for the First Asian Saxophone Congress 2016.

Path 路

for Violin and Violoncello, Mar 2016. 

Yuen Il 圓II

for Guitar and Zheng, Mar 2016.

Beneath the Shield, We Shall Play Once Again 徽光之下,我們再次奏出

for Violin, Trumpet, Trombone and Piano, Mar 2016.

Peace of Mind II 明鏡止水II 

for Violoncello and Zheng, Sep 2015.

Le Lys sur la Corde 弦上的百合

for Violin and Live Electronics, May 2015.

Yuen I 圓I

for Yangqin and Live Electronics, Nov 2014.

Door Always Open 門常開

for Flute, Sheng, Viola and Zheng, Oct 2014.

A Long Gaze 目送

for Piano Solo, Oct 2014.

As a Stream 流

for String Quartet, Jun 2014. 

3rd prize in New Generation 2014, performed by Romer String Quartet.

Lantern Festival 青玉案.元夕

for Baritone Voice, Cor Anglais, Horn, Violoncello, Harp and Percussions, May 2014.

Resonating Ripples 漣漪

for Flute, Bass Clarinet, Zheng and Percussions, Nov 2013.

Meditation 襌

for Percussions Duo, Jun 2013.
selected work in New Generation 2013, performed by Jenga Percussion Ensemble.

Repercussions 迴響

for Erhu, Pipa and Yangqin, May 2013.

Stray in the Mist 霧裡迷踪

for Violin and Violoncello, Nov 2012.