Larry SHUEN is a Hong Kong composer and multidisciplinary artist. Heavily inspired by classical music and composition training, Shuen’s works are often derived from music, sounds, and listening. His artistic practice includes concert music, film scoring, interactive programming, video essay, sound art, installation art, and media art, through which Shuen expresses his thoughts on life and surroundings.

Shuen has been active in theatre production in recent years. He is the sound designer of Six Mouths, an annual production by Unlock Dancing Plaza in 2022. Shuen’s recent multidisciplinary work Goin’ Goin’, a collaboration with artist Cheng Nga Yan, explores a superimposed relationship between sound, virtual navigation, and an exercising body. Shuen also closely exchanges ideas and collaborates with a number of local artists, including Lawrence Lau, Ho-chi So, nnscya (aka. Annisa Cheung), Karen Yu, Joseph Lee, Kenneth Hui Ka Chun, Wai Lok Chan, Human Architects, etc.

Shuen is also keen on choral singing and is a member of The Greeners’ Sound, a local choral society.




Exhibitions and Performances

2020. Out Of Our Heads (OOOH!).
2019. Ftarri Live.
2019. Microcosm || Magnetism: SCM MFA Show 2019.
2019. Tai Po Youth Arts Festival 2019 – Let Bygones Be Bygones.

2018. Sonic Anchor Special Series: Sound Forms – Fresh Form 1.
2018. Unravel: SCM MFA Student Show 2018.
2017. Transient Inflections: A Selection of Works from the SCM Creative Media Show 2017.
2017. Robert Lettner: New Wunderkammer Of Rococo + Utopia Of Ornaments.

Awards and Commissions
Selected artist in Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong (CMHK) Sonic Transmission 2018/19, Oct 2019.
Gymnopedies No.1 Remix,
selected entry in CMHK Hong Kong Mixtape 2018, Jul 2018.
Gold Prize in Youth Choir Category of the 1st Tokyo International Choir Competition (as the conductor of The Greeners’ Sound), Jul 2018.
2nd Place in Choral Open Class of the 70th Hong Kong Schools Music Festival (as the conductor of The Greeners’ Sound), Mar 2018.
commissioned work in CMHK Sonic Anchor, May 2018.
Street through a Glass Ball
, commissioned by Hong Kong Composers’ Guild (HKCG), Jan 2016.
Rainscape, selected entry in Chamber Category of Asian Composers League 2015 in Philippines, Nov 2015.

Deer Enclosure, commissioned and performed by The Greeners’ Sound, Jul 2015.
Sunset in Pak Nei, commissioned by HKCG, Dec 2014.   
As a stream, 3rd prize in HKCG New Generation 2014, June 2014.
Coherence II, commissioned by HKCG, Oct 2013. 
Meditation, selected entry in HKCG New Generation 2013, Jun 2013.

Master of Music, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2021-2022.
Master of Fine Arts (Distinction), The City University of Hong Kong, 2016-2019.

Bachelor of Music (1st class honours), The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, 2012-2016. Associate Diploma in Recital in Solo Piano, Trinity College London, 2007.