Deer Enclosure

鹿柴, 2016

Watercolor on Paper

Deer Enclosure is a retrospective work that serves archiving, analyzing and recreating my music composition Deer Enclosure from a visual perspective.  The music represented my composition techniques and aesthetics that I have been trying hard to achieve in these years. Therefore, it is good to look back and review the work in order to find the music clues I designed intentionally and intuitively, and transcribe these musical ideas into graphical elements for both musically and non-musically trained people to understand the piece.

New meanings are derived during the process of transcription, as it materialized the imagination which took place between the visual and sonic aspects. However, most of the musical elements are rather subjective. How can I make the viewers perceive pentatonic chords as green, or disjunct leaps as triangles? Instead of persuading them to believe what my visual imagination is, in this work, I am presenting my system of visualization of sound which consists of unity, deduction, questioning, reasoning, consciousness and unconsciousness.