禪, 2013

for Percussion Duo

selected work in New Generation 2013, performed by Jenga Percussion Ensemble
I found martial movies very fascinating since my childhood as those movies display breathtaking sceneries, architectures and impressive performance of actors, also to give me ideas to compose this piece. I tried to depict what I would experience in those places based on my imagination. There are three sections played without break in my piece describing three different scenarios. The first section is energetic with motions, which implies monks practicing Chinese martial arts by rapid rhythm played on tom-toms. In the next section, steady repeating rhythm played on temple blocks and woodblocks demonstrates monks chanting sutras while beating mokogyo. Then with gradual crescendo, leading to the last section, a grand, splendid climax with rich timbres and great dynamics contrast portraying a majestic, magnificent Buddha statue inside a stately temple.

我喜歡看武打電影,因為電影呈現出宏偉的景致、建築,還有動作演員淋離盡致的演 出總令我看得入迷,亦給我創作靈感,我希望借這首作品抒發我對禪的迷思。 樂曲共有三個連續的段落,描寫不同的情景。樂曲第一段節奏急速,富有動感;中段 以平和的氣氛描寫在禪院沉思唸佛的僧人;壯麗堂皇的尾段,表現豐富的音色和強弱 的對比,描寫廟裡金壁輝煌的佛像。

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