路, 2016

for Violin and Violoncello

performed by Johnathan Wan-fei Yeung and Bernard Chun-hin Chan

Path consists of 4 sections, which are Mist, Lighthouse, Cliff and Dawn, depicting what a
lost man feels, such as stray, longing, hesitation and unworried.

The ideas of this piece came from Stray in the Mist, my first composition at the Academy, which is also composed for violin and violoncello. It is my honor to have the same performers for both my old and new pieces. Compositionally, I have developed and integrated materials from the past to form a multi-movement work. During the creative process, I was reminded of the change in my compositions over the years, including techniques, ideas, styles and aesthetic values. What remains the same is my feeling when I
compose, like stray, longing, hesitation and unworried, which is similar to what I am trying to express in this piece.

No matter there are what kinds of challenges and difficulties ahead in composing, I believe the path is always there if we never stop exploring.

《路》由四段樂章組成,分別是《霧》、《燈塔》、《石崖》和《晨》,表達迷路 者的所感,如迷惘、期盼、徬徨、坦然。



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