Peace of Mind I    

明鏡止水I, 2015

for Zhonghu, Sheng, Dizi, Violoncello, Horn, Clarinet, Yangqin, Harp and 2 Percussionists

performed by Bethany On-yan Kee, Kin-long Yue, Fung-lim To, Bernad Chun-hin Chan, Wai-ling Chan, Wilson Wing-sang Wong, Yuen-yau Tse, Judy Ching-man Ho, Eugene Wai-man Kwong and Ronney Long-hin Cheung

"Peace of Mind" refers to a cultivation of a state of mind, which literally means a clean and bright soul with no distracting thoughts.

I wish my mind could be as clear as a mirror and as calm as water, facing anything with a tranquil and truthful heart.



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