Peace of Mind III

明鏡止水III, 2016

for Orchestra

performed by Academy Symphony Orchestra of The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

"Peace of Mind" refers to a cultivation of a state of mind, which literally means a clean and bright soul with no distracting thoughts. 

I wish my mind could be as clear as a mirror and as calm as water, facing anything with a tranquil and truthful heart.

This is the third piece in the series of “Peace of Mind”. Like the previous ones, I would like to make use of the simplest musical ideas to develop an entire piece through slow and micro changes in the music. I can recall every time composing “Peace of Mind” was like doubting myself. I always restart my composition as my ideas were blocked and I could not continue with it. The composition can only be finished until the deadline is approaching, when I just follow my heart and compose. I am not quite sure whether this situation is good or bad. I believe the nature of creative work should not be painful, but it is hard to not include such pain in the process of it. As the graduation draws near, I wish I can have strength to overcome the bitterness in composing and let the joy and passion of it be alongside my music journey.

This piece is recorded in the Academy Orchestral Composition Workshop 2016 by the Academy Symphony Orchestra.





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