Resonating Ripples

漣漪, 2013

for Flute, Clarinet, Zheng and Percussions

performed by Alice Ka-Ching Hui, Calvin Chin-lun Leung, Jenny Tin-chi Chan and Rainbow Wai-hung Lau
Hong Kongers have a busy life. Rapid changes in our city and the fast flow of information make our life even more in haste. Troubles and stress at work, school or even home cause us difficulties in leaving the duties aside a second or two, let alone having a relaxed mood to enjoy life. A hurried and pressurised lifestyle has seemingly become part of our culture and this makes me doubt our ability to live life: we are simply keeping our bodies from dying instead.

The atmosphere of this piece is slow and loose. There is a gesture of a sharp articulated accent followed by a calm long note repeating throughout. Just as a water droplet falls on a lake’s surface, resonating ripples spreading across the water, I hope the audience could empty their troubled minds and feel with their heart the tranquility and calmness of the piece.



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