Yuen II    

圓II , 2016

for Guitar and Zheng

performed by Kwan-ying Bou and Larry Shuen

Yuen I is composed for Yangqin and Live Electronics, which is mostly constructed by rational rules such as limitations in rhythm, harmony, timbre and interval, as a question on how to compose within various constraints.

Yuen II shares a similar idea as the previous one. The overall picture of the piece (i.e. harmony, mood, structure) is briefly designed, whereas musicians can freely improvise under certain constraints, so that the musical details will be filled by musicians’ creativity, character and musicality. I wish such a design could let musicians participate in the creative process to a larger extent, hence, be more involved in the music.

Compared with Yuen I, Yuen II weighs more on performers' intuition on improvisation, as a mean of demonstrating the beauty of sensibility in an instant.




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